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現在サッシメーカーと開発中のプロダクト住宅「dolphin house」がSD review 2012に入選しました!

"dolphin house", a product house we are currently developing with a sash and window maker has been accepted for the SD Review 2012!

会期中はiPadでdolphin houseをカスタマイズして自分だけの住宅をつくることができます。小さなコンポーネント模型も自由に組み合わせて遊べるなど、楽しい展示を企画していますので、ぜひお越しください。


at the exhibition you will be able to build a dolphin house of your own via ipad by customizing your home's layout, room choice, and orientation.  you will also be welcome to play with small component models to test materials and layouts.  we plan for an interesting, fun, and interactive exhibition so please check it out!

additionally, we are looking for house-makers or builders to jointly develop to project further. 



_exhibition location
Tokyo Exhibition @ Daikanyama Hillside Terrace: Sept 12, 2012 (Wed) - Sept. 23, 2012 (Sun)
Kyoto Exhibition @ Kyoto Institute of Technology Museum of Arts and Crafts: Sept 27, 2012 (Mon) - Oct. 12, 2012 (Fri)

exhibition poster including information on other exhibitors can be found here.


dolphin house」は、壁の全面が吊り戸のみで構成されるプロダクトとしての住宅です。



_concept text

The "Dolphin House" is a house that is, as a product, a home with all wall surfaces movable as hanging units.  By utilizing prefabrication methods through a mass-production process, the cost can be lowered and the customer is able to choose and combine units to customize their home.  Each room's furniture is determined by the movable walls' radius of curvature and is available in 3 different configurations, Circle, Square, and Line.  Additionally, each room's floor and wall material can be customized, and, because of the movable walls, can be mixed throughout the house generating entirely differently arranged rooms.  

This project uses a product by the Kimado Corporation called "dolphin windows" which create full open space by moving hanging windows along rails to a storage.  In the Dolphin House, a system of double rails installed under each beam allows all of the movable walls to move to a mass storage area.  These movable walls let the user alter their spaces to create large single rooms to match their specific daily usage.

The ability to move all of the walls not only allows a house to change from a fixed system to one that is very fluid, but also creates the possibility of a variety of usages from private to public.  Just as one changes clothing to match their feeling on any given day, a house that is able to change from closed to open and back gives birth to a lighthearted living style.  Moreover, while mainly considering the role of a house, this product also can be applicable in many other situations from private library, to share office, or even small shop or restaurant.

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