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studio_01 has finished our workshop to build the first piece of furniture in the Kameyama Collection series.  Through student workshops, we hope to create a new piece of furniture, needed and desired by the city of Kameyama in Mie prefecture each year. This year, with the help of 4 students, we completed the the collection's first piece, a multi-function bench called "kumiki"

as always, concept text follows images.


For the past 5 years, ART Kameyama, a yearly art event in Mie prefecture, has held a competition for artworks to be on display for a week long art event along the main shopping street in Kameyama.  However, because of the short time period of the event, the entire length of the shopping street typically remains unadorned.  Therefore, rather than a design a temporary work, studio_01 held a student workshop to build a permanent piece of furniture in concordance with ART Kameyama 2012 that could be a "furniture for the city".  

Over the course of the weeklong workshop, studio_01 worked with students from Tokyo and Mie to design a piece of furniture that would reflect ART Kameyama as well as match the needs of the people in the immediate area.  The first half of the workshop was spent designing various ideas in response to questionnaires that had been answered by members of the community.  After a mid-workshop presentation, the community as well as the members of the workshop voted on the designs and focused on a single idea which, after modification and refinement, resulted in "kumiki".  

"kumiki", literally meaning a latticework of wood, is a bench made from a 3D grid of waste cedar, the material of which was provided by Nakano Wood, also located in Kameyama.  By cutting away select portions of the grid, a variety of additional features were created such as a bike support, an umbrella stand, a child seat among others.  These slices into the original grid were organized in such a way that only required the use of 11 different lengths of cedar.  Prior to construction, each of the different length of woods' cut surfaces were painted with a different color which aided with the ease of construction, like a visual numbering system, as well as added to the overall design of the bench.  Through the use of the various colors, the juxtaposition of the different voids are projected onto the bench's surface, as when a small line of white passes through a field of blue, thus tying interior functions to exterior expression.  This seen-but-unverbalized colorful expression of function allows the user to be surprised by new usages each time they pass by "kumiki".

三重県亀山市で「アート亀山」という芸術祭が過去5年にわたり開催されています。コンペティションで作品を公募し、亀山市東町商店街の空き店舗等を用いてアート作品が展示されます。一週間という短い期間に多くの人々が集まり、賑わっていますが、私たちは街に常設されて人々に使われるようなアート作品をつくることで、街に彩りを与えることができないかと考えました。そこで、仮設の構築物をつくるのではなく、人々に使われて愛されるような「まちの家具」を参加型のワークショップで作ろうとしました。「Kameyama Collection」というワークショップのタイトルをつけ、亀山に毎年常設の家具やアートがコレクションされていくようなものを考えました。



Kameyama Collection Workshop participant:Yumiko Oyama, Kazuma Obayashi, Yuto Nakagawa, Tomoya Hiromori
Kameyama Collection Workshop 参加者:大山由美子、大林和磨、中川雄斗、廣森智也

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