competition -- mot bloomberg pavilion


a competition entry for a work located inside the bloomberg pavilion which sits atop the museum of contemporary art tokyo.  presentation panels are to be exhibited at the museum. more information at bottom.

upon entering the pavilion, the visitor enters an entirely different world, that of mildendo. a world of the unknown. the extraordinary.  

filling the entire pavilion is a branched world, similar to that of a tree, yet somehow different.  a world where many things are connected and elongated, but at the same time, others have become miniaturized in size.  small animals run around, living on their own amongst a town whose inhabitants have disappeared. this world's scale, different from our own, creates a place which allows the visitor to feel that perhaps, somewhere, there may actually be a world like this.  

like gulliver or the little prince, who were both able to travel to many worlds other than their own, we may be able to accept this place in our own reality.  after we have finished our journey to mildendo, maybe we can discover things about our own world that we never knew existed. 

presentation panels are to be exhibited at the museum of contemporary art tokyo from august 11th to september 9th.  more information is available at the link below (japanese only).

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