workshop_02 -- Kameyama Collection Workshop 2013

Kameyama Collection Workshopは、三重県の芸術祭「アート亀山2013」の関連イベントの、まちのプロダクトをつくるワークショップです。



In continuation of last year's first workshop in collaboration with ART Kameyama 2012, studio_01 will be continuing the Kameyama Collection with a workshop themed around two of the area's goods, candles and lantern paper.  Using these two materials as well as recycled wood, students are invited to join a workshop in open design to create lanterns for the community.

The workshop will be held from August 4th through the 7th in Kameyama city in the Mie prefecture.  During this workshop students will design and build their lanterns which will be recreated by the guests of ART Kameyama during its opening later this year.  Additionally, lighting designer, Kaoru Mende of Lighting Planners Association, will be present for a group discussion and critique.

Open design will play an important role in the workshop as all of the final designs will be not only be created, but also added to during ART Kameyama by visitors.  Additionally, designs will be given a Creative Commons license allowing them to spread throughout the world so that others can recreate and change the design as well.

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