to-kitchen: construction update -- back stairs and floors

the back stairs that will lead up to the second-floor future coworking space extension have arrived and been installed.  the handrail and step surfaces will be covered with a layer of cedar to match the walls of the 1st floor tatami/coworking space walls

leveling of the gallery and kitchen floors also has commenced!  the space really is changing from is previous, uneven existing condition to an entirely new space.  this area won't change for a few days as the mortar needs time to set and dry.

lastly, preparations for the waving tatami floor are being made.  here, the wooden edges are being installed.  floor heaters will be installed at the locations of the cafe and meeting area tables before the tatami is added as well.

as a lot of the area's floor is still setting, the bathroom and some of the millwork will be constructed during this time.  more pictures early next week!

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