to-kitchen: construction update -- walls, walls, walls!

Since the last update, most of the walls have been installed, covering the studs and really changing the atmosphere of the entire space.  

here's the interior of the tatami space.  all the boxes have been painted and frames added.  the ceiling has been almost completed as well.

the kitchen interior walls and windows have also been set up.  in the first image below, the wooden column is from the existing structure, visible the same way the existing wall is visible behind the wooden light boxes.

the same curved wall from the opposite, gallery side

from the front of the store you can see the cafe area on the right, and the existing stairs to the upper floors which will be the client's home.  the tatami room and wooden box are just off to the right of this image.

wooden boxes of the tatami room wall and windows of the curved gallery/kitchen wall are similar in seemingly random arrangement and how they vary in size.

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