to-kitchen: complete!

to-kitchen is complete!  after a few months of hard work and a last few days of even harder final preparations, the cafe/ deli with a multitude of spaces has finished construction.  we really appreciate everyone's hard work on the project.

before some images of the finished interior, here are a few last images of the work from the past week.

the last few tables had to be made after hours and into the night.  the table pictured below is the "puddle table" which sits in a valley of the waving tatami floor.

the glass door to separate the kitchen from the cafe area is added. even though separating these two spaces is a necessity, we wanted to allow the kitchen interior and chefs-at-work to be seen as well.

the gallery's interior seating has been added to allow for visitors to rest, chat, and have some snacks as they enjoy the art that will be on display.

the images below shows different views from various points around the interior of the finished shop.  

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