to-kitchen: construction update -- nearing completion

to-kitchen nears completion!  most of the lighting has been added and the chefs have already begun to practice their dishes in the new environment.

the client awaits delivery of the refrigerator for the open kitchen.  the open kitchen will be used for cooking classes as well as guest chefs.

the take away counter located just inside the entrance.

exposed ductwork just above the shop.  in the background is the main shelving for to-kitchen's specialty food items.

the larger showcases have arrived and have been set up just in front of the cafe.

view from the gallery entrance towards the storefront.

lighting for the interior of the tatami space has been added to both the ceiling and the wall boxes. the wave-like tatami flooring has yet to be installed but will be added soon.  

exterior concrete has been poured to add small patio areas to both the front and back entrances.

one of the two plywood doors to the kitchen from the hallway and gallery.

the bathroom is almost complete with just the mirror and cabinet needing finishing touches and installation.  

with the kitchen interior finished with the last update, the chefs have had time to begin practicing their meals.  there's not even two full weeks now until the grand opening!

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