exhibition_05 -- Slack Circuit / 連環する糸

This year studio_01 has been invited by the DA (Design Association) which organizes Tokyo Designers Week each year to contribute a collaborative design for one of the container interiors on exhibit at Tokyo Designers Week 2013.  The theme for the container exhibit this year is "future living" (のくらし) which was not taken literally but used as a starting point to think of how to divide space within a limited interior. studio_01 has decided to create an installation using a number hanging steel wires which can be manipulated by visitors to create individual spaces or "rooms" within the container.  The title of their work, Slack Circuit (連環する糸), invokes the idea of relaxed space which connects those who enter as the separations of space are not solid and exact as a normal wall might be.

Numerous hanging steel wires allow space to be created and divided in studio_01’s Slack Circuit. The wires, covering three surfaces of the interior and fixed along a diagonal path at the ceiling, are also each connected to 2 movable chains along the container’s walls. Raising or lowering the chains manipulates the shape of the hanging wires to create individual areas or “rooms” within the container creating a totally kinetic environment. The wires move both actively by visitor interaction and passively by the wind, creating a light, airy environment which blurs the separation of space as they divide, yet still connect the entire space.


textile   nuno
furniture   Yutaro Matsumoto
cinematography   Woomin Gen
special thanks   Ryo Saito and Wooju Lee

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